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This unique webinar is designed to help participants move their careers and the industry forward. Each webinar can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees – a vast audience transformed into a captivated target group for your company’s marketing endeavors. Just imagine your company logo being showcased throughout these engaging and informative sessions. And this exposure isn’t limited to the event itself. Your logo will also adorn promotional materials published in the lead-up to the webinar, in addition to appearing in interesting extras such as newsletters and updates.

As a sponsor you will receive full access to all registration data provided by participants, which places you in direct contact with members of your ideal target groups. It has never been easier to expand your customer base, and there is no better way to establish your company among professionals in the trade. Who doesn’t want to be seen as a forward-thinking, future-oriented promoter of emerging markets and industries? Your contribution to contemporary energy issues is your winning ticket to better business. Taking part in these impressive webinars is absolutely free for participants, which is sure to draw a wide audience for your company. Interested in making your mark? We’d love to hear from you!