About Intersolar and ees Webinars

Access genuinely valuable information, quickly and easily, from top industry experts who are not just online to speak at you – they are on hand to answer your questions and address comments from participants for a thoroughly interactive experience. Live question and answer sessions, in addition to viewer discussions and polls, are what make Intersolar webinars so impressive in terms of instant learning results. Our handpicked lecturers are leaders in their specialist fields, with in-depth knowledge of the markets and technologies driving the industry forward.

All participants have full access to the learning materials used in the webinars. Presentations can be conveniently downloaded for review in both text and audio-visual formats. These presentations are absolutely free, saving you valuable time and money while you boost your personal and professional development. Registration is limited to a set number of participants, so act now.

Looking for a great way to tap into industry insights without all the time and travel expenses? Now you don’t have to go the distance for dynamic discussions with experts and fellow industry pioneers. Presenting our interactive Intersolar webinars: the ideal opportunity to get up-to-the-minute information about emerging and established markets, exciting market developments, and innovative technological trends.

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