Champion of Change Category

Winner in the Champion of Change Category 2017

Winners 2017

Richard Kaufmann

Richard Kauffman joined the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the state’s first Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York, or ‘energy czar,’ in January 2013. On behalf of Governor Cuomo, Mr. Kauffman leads New York State’s comprehensive energy policy effort, known as Reforming the Energy...


Winner in the Champion of Change Category 2016

Champion of Change

Kevin de León

Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León, author of SB 350, California’s landmark 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard law, along with several other key clean energy laws, is the well-deserving 2016 recipient of the Intersolar Champion of Change Award. De León is committed to passing big, bold laws that will...


Winner in the Champion of Change Category 2015

Winners 2015

Nancy Skinner

Nancy Skinner was a member of the California State Assembly from California's 15th State Assembly district and is a candidate for the California Senate. During her tenure as a state assemblymember, Nancy was a champion of solar power authoring such critical legislation as AB 510, the Net Metering...


Winner in the Champion of Change Category 2014

Champion of Change

Michael R. Peevey

CPUC President Michael R. Peevey has lead initiatives to maximize energy efficiency and integrate renewable energy while advocating for new technologies that can deliver high-quality energy services.