1. Presentation of participants (5 min)
David Bregazzi, Solar Promotion International GmbH

2. Opportunities and limitations in the current legal framework (15 min)
Mohammad Hassan Ghafouri, Founder of the Iran-Wind Group
- Relevant policies and support mechanism
- New Feed-in Tariff
- The challenges of the new license limitation

3. Suitable business models and business conditions (15 min)
Luz Alicia Aguilar, International Project Manager at German Solar Industry Association
- Process of project development
- PPA financed through the National Development Fund
- Relevant business conditions

4. Session of questions and answers (10 min)
David Bregazzi, Solar Promotion International GmbH

Mohammad Hassan Ghafouri, Founder of the Iran-Wind Group, a group of young professionals in renewable energy, aiming at helping to develop renewable energy in Iran by removing the barriers and strengthening the capabilities of the renewable energy companies in Iran by holding workshops and seminars for them; as well as Founder and Managing Director of AYSA Engineering Company, an Engineering and Consulting Company in Iran, Tehran offers services in the field of Wind and Solar Energy Consulting.

Luz Alicia Aguilar is a graduate in Economics (M.S.) from the University Flensburg in Germany (2009). During her studies, she completed internships at the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Central Europe and at the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) at the energy department. After her studies, she worked for Eclareon and the Berlin Energy Agency in Berlin and was in charge of managing projects at international level. From 2013 until 2015 she worked for the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and was in charge of the environmental department in Mexico-City. Since October 2015 she works as an international project manager at the German Solar Association. Her tasks include the management of international projects, including among others PV Financing and Enabling PV Iran. She speaks fluently Spanish, German and English.