U.S. Solar-Plus-Storage Market: Drivers, Economics and Outlook

This webinar is on June 30, 2015. If you are interested in the presentations or webinar records please contact us.

DateTuesday, June 30, 2015
Time9:00am   Pacific Standard Time (PST)
12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
6:00pm   Central European Time (CET)
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Durationca. 1 hour
FeeFree of charge - limited participation
SpeakersRavi Manghani, GTM Research
ModeratorJames J. Greenberger, NAATBatt International
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Energy storage was coupled with less than 0.1 percent of installed solar photovoltaic projects in 2014 in the U.S. Yet the prospects of solar-plus-storage have never been brighter. There are a number of drivers for this optimism – dropping solar PV and battery costs, favorable incentive programs, changing rate structures, rising concerns about resiliency, and growing grid integration challenges. Markets such as California and Hawaii are at the epicenter of a new "solar-plus" paradigm, where storage will be an important partner. This presentation will dive into key use cases, value streams, business models, and challenges, with emphasis on California behind-the-meter and utility-scale segments.  This presentation will also provide the audience with an outlook for the U.S. solar-plus-storage market.

Ravi Manghani, is a Senior Energy Storage Analyst at GTM Research. Before, Ravi was a lead analyst at Photon Consulting and worked with Ecoult, helping with its US grid-scale energy storage market development. Ravi has over 7 years of experience in energy storage as a consultant, analyst and engineer.

James J. Greenberger, is the Executive Director of NAATBatt International, a trade association of advanced battery manufacturers and their supply chain partners working to promote the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage technology in grid connected, automotive, consumer, military and industrial markets worldwide.