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Here you will find an overview of the past webinars of Intersolar, ees and EM-Power. If you are interested in webinar material, please click the following link for registration.

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Title Date Language  
Atom- und Kohleausstieg – Kann Photovoltaik die wachsende Stromlücke schliessen? September 27, 2019 German more
Solar Energy Market Perspectives in Mexico and Technical Challenges to Come August 28, 2019 Spanish more
The Mexican Solar Water Heating Market August 22, 2019 Spanish more
Workshops Intersolar Mexico - Best Practices and Industry Updates on PV Design and Installation August 15, 2019 Spanish more
Brazilian Solar Market in Numbers August 08,2019 Portuguese more
Solar Energy Cooperatives in Brazil July 30, 2019 Portuguese more
Electrical energy storage and PV – Prospects and Challenges for Brazil June 02, 2019 English more
Electrical energy storage and PV – Chances and Challenges in Brazil May 23, 2019 Portuguese more
E-Mobility in Housing and Industry May 07, 2019 German more
Potential for the Energy Storage Market Spain April 17, 2019 English more
Business Models for Distributed Generation April 02, 2019 Portuguese more
Distributed Generation – Market developments in Brazil March 19, 2019 Portuguese more
Inexpensive, Firm PV Without Conventional Backup: The Role of Supply Shaping Through Curtailment February 26, 2019 English more

New Market Perspectives for large-scale PV Installations in Germany

February 13, 2019 English more

Distributed Generation and Energy Management – Electroenergetic Transition in Brazil

February 12, 2019 Portuguese more

Brazilian PV Market update - The vast potential of the Northeast

December 6, 2018 Portuguese


Solar PV Recycling in India

November 30, 2018 English more

Solar PV Supply and Demand 2018 – Is this a crossroads for the PV industry?

November 20, 2018 English more

India solar open access market – Overview and outlook

November 14, 2018 English more

Solar + Energy Storage Opportunities in India

November 8, 2018 English more

How Smart Microgrids Can Address the Challenges of SDG

October 24, 2018 English more

Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies Business Models and the Future of Demand Flexibility

September 6, 2018 English more
Insights of the French energy storage market against the background of the European development September 5, 2018 English more

Mercado Brasileiro de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica - PV Market update Brazil II

August 1, 2018 Portuguese


Financiamento de projetos FV no Brasil

July 17, 2018 Portuguese


Redes Elétricas Inteligentes (Smart Grid) - mudando o setor elétrico Brasileiro

June 26, 2018 Portuguese


ees Europe & EM-Power: Großspeichersysteme für Industrie und produzierendes Gewerbe

May 17, 2018 Deutsch more

Bateria Solar e Sistemas de Armazenamento de Energia

May 16.2018 Portuguese


Geração Distribuída no Brasil - números do mercado e perspectivas

Apr 24.2018 Portuguese more

PV Market update Brazil

April 11, 2018 English


Argentina’s new distributed generation law

April 11, 2018 Spanish


Power2Drive: Elektromobilität für Gewerbe und Handwerksbetriebe

Feb 22, 2018 Deutsch more
Centralized PV Generation in Brazil – Impact of the 2017 energy auctions and market forecast Jan 31, 2018 English more

Geração centralizada de energia fotovoltaica no Brasil: Impacto do leilão de 2017 e prognóstico do mercado

Jan 24, 2018 Portuguese


Is MENA the Next Hot Market for Energy Storage? Sep 13, 2017 English more
Financing Solar Transactions: How the Middle East is Changing the Game Aug 30, 2017 English more
Solar Energy in Brazil - Solar Technology Innovations July 18, 2017 Portuguese more
Electrical Energy Storage - Global developments and the impact on Latin America June 7, 2017 English more
Solar Energy in Brazil May 11, 2017 Portuguese more
Distributed Generation regulation in Brazil Apr 4, 2017 Portuguese more
Brazil PV Market Update: Reality Check - Prospects and Challenges Feb 21, 2017 English more
Legal Aspects of Developing Renewable Energy in Iran Sep 8, 2016 English more
Doing Solar Business in Iran: New Challenges and Opportunities Aug 19, 2016 English more
Why Brazil Could be the Next Global Solar Superpower Aug 4, 2016 English more
Smart Renewable Energy in the U.S. Jun 15, 2016 English more
Aquecimento solar é mais vantajoso que poupança Jul 29, 2015 Portuguese more
U.S. Solar-Plus-Storage Market Jun 30, 2015 English more
PV battery systems – Strategies & Technologies May 20, 2015 English more
Just how big will the Chinese PV market get? Mar 4, 2015 English more
China: Sunny prospects for distributed PV? Dec 11, 2014 English more
Charting the course of solar PV in India Nov 11, 2014 English more
Captive Solar Generation and Consumption Market Aug 28, 2014 English more
Brazilian PV Market Jul 15, 2014 English more
Mercado Fotovoltaico Brasileiro Jul 14, 2014 Portuguese more
Charting the course of solar PV in the US Jun 24, 2014 English more
Solarstromspeicher in Deutschland May 13, 2014 German more
Energía fotovoltaica en Latinoamérica Apr 22, 2014 Portuguese more
PV in Latin America – the Top 3 Emerging Markets Apr 16, 2014 English more
Energielabel im Bereich Regenerative Wärme Mar 17, 2014 German more
Efforts to Modernize Permitting and Slash Soft Costs Mar 12, 2014 English more
China’s Domestic PV Market Prospects until 2015 Feb 25, 2014 English more
Brazilian PV Market Aug 28, 2013 English more
Energy Storage Jun 4, 2013 English more
PV Market India Oct 11, 2012 English more
Electricity Storage Jun 5, 2012 English more