Intersolar Summit Iran Program

November 21, 2017


Registration, Networking & Table Top Exhibition


Conference Opening & Welcome Remarks


  • Markus Elsässer, CEO, Solar Promotion International GmbH
  • Mohammad H. Ghafouri, Iran Wind Group/ Aysa Ltd.

Iran's Renewable Energy Future from New Ministers Point of View:

Does Iran with vast amount of oil and gas resources really need renewables?
How does the Minister of Energy look at renewables?
The position of renewable energy in Iran energy mix in 2020?


  • Dr. Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy, Islamic Republic of Iran (invited)

The 5 GW Target: A Critical Assessment of Iran’s RE Policies

SATBA's action plan to achieve the 5 GW solar target
Is there enough budget for buying RE electricity in the upcoming years?
Will there be any tendering system in the near future?


  • Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh, Deputy Minister and Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)

Proper Policies to Develop Renewable Energy in Iran

What are the proper policies to develop renewable energy in Iran? Does SATBA have any news plans?
What is the role of the Parliament to support the development of renewable energy?
What is the role of associations? What is the status of Renewable Energy Association Foundation in the Chamber of Commerce?
What are the policies of Energy Department of the Vice Presidency regarding local production?


  • Behnam Khatami, Sabeti & Khatami LLP
  • Dr. Ahmad Khonsari, Partner, Watson Farely & Williams Legal Firm
  • Mohammad Rahmani, CEO, Bayan Emrooz Law Firm
  • M.T. Zafranchi Zadeh, Head of Private Sector Office, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)

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Legal Challenges and Regulatory Frameworks for Domestic & International Solar Players

What is missing inside SATBA PPA in order to become internationally bankable?
What are the challenges inside "Land Lease Contract" for state owned lands in Iran?
Which regulations need to be changed for farm lands in order to have bankable projects?
What are the legal challenges for foreign companies in Iran?

Moderated by:

  • Mohammad H. Ghafouri, CEO, Iran Wind Group / AYSA Energy Ltd.


  • Leila Hubeaut, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills Legal Firm
  • Dr. Ahmad Khonsari, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams Legal Firm
  • Mohammad Rahmani, CEO, Bayan Emrooz Law Firm
  • M.T. Zafranchi Zadeh, Head of Private Sector Office, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)

Understanding the Local Requirements for Grid Connection

Understanding the specific characteristics of the Iranian grid network
Procedures for obtaining grid connection permits

Moderated by:

  • Elham Abouhamzeh, Project Manager, AYSA Ltd.


  • Toktam Sherifian Attar, Power System Plant Engineer, Khorasan Regional Electricity Company
  • Saaed Raee, Deputy of Grid Planning, Tavanir Company
  • Dr. Mansour Rafiee, Vice President, Meyar Tose’e Niroo Co.
  • Homayoun Berahmand Pour, Grid Issues Consultant, Niroo Research Institute
  • Ali Ziari, Head of Electrical & Instrumentation Department SATBA (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization)
  • Dr. Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, Deputy Managing Director for the Iran National Grid Dispatching

Lunch Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition


Financing Renewable Energy in Iran: Status-quo and Future Opportunities and Barriers

Status-quo: Availability of finance by Iranian banks
Future outlook for international financing mechanisms
Real world field experience: Exclusive insights by local and international market players

Moderated by:

  • Esmaeil Vasaf, CFO, AYSA Energy


  • Mostafa Beheshti Rouy, Member of Executive Board, Bank Pasargad
  • Günter Grabner, Managing Director, KPV Solar
  • Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, Deputy in International and Investment Affairs, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Alireza Saedi Sarkhanloo, Member of Executive Board, Vice President of Foreign Investment, National Development Fund of Islamic Republic of Iran

    Putting it Into Practice: International and Local Experiences in Renewable Energy Deployment in Iran

    International views on the development of solar power plants in Iran
    What needs to be done to maximize project ROI?
    Avoiding pitfalls: Challenges, regarding the import of products and transportation
    Optimizing PV power plants for higher yield

    Moderated by:

    • Seyed Mehdi Mohaghegh, Director, KPV Solar


    • Eray Hazer, Business Development Manager Turkey & MENA, KACO new energy
    • Mohammad Hossein Fardad, CEO, TABAN Energy Development Co.
    • Hans Jürgen Sauter, CSO, KRINNER Schraubfundamente GmbH
    • Bentolhoda Soleymani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Noursun Energy Aria Co. Ltd
    • Clark Xu, Sales Director, Huawei
    • Amin Zand, Member of the Board of Directors, Renewable Energy Committee at Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate
    • Konstantinos Zygouras, CEO, Sunel Energy Group

    Coffee Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

    *Subject to modifications

    November 22, 2017

    If you're interested in learning more about business opportunities in Iran solar market, we recommend to participate additionally in the Networking session on November 22 which is organized by our local partners Iran-Wind Group and Aysa Ltd.

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