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Intersolar Summit Iran | Tehran | November 21, 2017

Intersolar Summit Iran 2017, November 21

Iran is aiming to boost its renewables sector. The current installed capacity of 240 MW is planned to increase to 5,000 MW by the end of 2020. Companies that are investing in renewables make it onto a shortlist to receive a tax incentive, assuming they fulfill conditions relating to the specific location and an output purchase agreement with the government. Despite the attractive tax incentives, the solar market in Iran remains challenging.

The Intersolar Summit Iran in Tehran on November 21, 2017 will welcome leading experts on solar power and renewable energy in the region. The 2016 event welcomed more than 400 attendees, twice as many as expected. Main discussions were about grid-integration solutions, financing and foreign investments. The Intersolar Summit Iran is a must-attend event for organizations and companies seeking to establish a foothold in the promising solar energy market in Iran. As ever, at the forefront of our work is the motto: Connecting Solar Business!

Program & Presentations 2016

The Intersolar Summit Iran presented the relevant results of the study "Enabling PV Iran", where the processes of investments and project development of PV power plants were analyzed. This includes the identification of the legal and administrative framework, best practices and lessons learned and the description of the two most viable business models for solar PV in Iran.

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