SolarEdge Technologies


Intersolar AWARD 2016 winner in the category "Photovoltaics" with their HD-Wave Technology Inverter.

SolarEdge is a global provider of inverter solutions for the solar PV market, and strives to broaden the availability of renewable solar energy. SolarEdge’s HD Wave power conversion technology underpins a compact, lightweight inverter with a record weighted efficiency up to 99 percent. It uses distributed switching and a powerful digital signal processor to synthesize clean sine waves, and contributes to increased power density.The inverter is approximately 50 percent smaller than most other inverters on the market. Magnetic components and cooling elements are significantly reduced, and silicon MOSFETs are stacked in multi-level architecture for reduced conversion loss. SolarEdge expects lower manufacturing costs, making one of the main components of a PV system notably cheaper.The jury is awarding innovation and value throughout the entire PV value chain with this outstanding product.