Membership Program

It pays to join!

The Membership Program rewards your longstanding, dedicated partnership with us. This Membership Program allows you to collect loyalty points for your company by participating in our exhibitions and conferences (Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive, EM-Power), buying sponsorship packages, and accumulate points based on your booth size.

The application for and participation in the Membership Program is free and all exhibitors (Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive, EM-Power) can participate.

How to become a member?

If you were an exhibitor in 2018, you can choose to participate straightaway via the Exhibitor Cockpit. If you did not exhibit in 2018, you will be able to use this function as soon as you have registered to participate in one our exhibitions in 2019. Once you have your Exhibitor Cockpit login, you may begin to book services and manage your points. You will receive your first benefit simply by registering: If you participate in at least two exhibitions in one year, you will be able to claim a reduction in booth rental prices.

Collecting Points

Collected points do not expire when services are redeemed; they simply count towards your status. When you have reached a status level, it is valid for 12 months and is updated the following year according to the new points total.

  • Points for booking exhibition space: Collect ten points per square meter of exhibition space (Europe, India, Middle East, Mexico and South America).
  • Points for your number of participations: We award you with 100 points for each exhibition in which you participate. Furthermore you earn another 200 points by participating in the same exhibition three years in a row. 
  • Points for your award participation: We award you with 200 points for being a The smarter E/Intersolar/ees AWARD finalist and 500 points for being a The smarter E/Intersolar/ees AWARD winner.
  • Points for investing in sponsorship packages: Please refer to the relevant sponsorship brochure/website for sponsorship packages that are taken into account for the Membership Program. The Membership Program does not take into account marketing opportunities. You’ll receive 100 points per €1,000 Sponsorship.

Membership Benefits

Booth Space Benefits

ServicesGlobal MemberPreferred MemberMember
Discount on booth space
Member Rate: Companies who have exhibited at two exhibitions within 12 months will receive a discount of up to 25% (depending on the exhibition).
Preferential booth placement
Depending on how the halls are segmented according to product groups, we give special consideration to the placement preferences of Global Members.
As loyal customers, you are the first to be considered when making placements. You do, however, need to submit your application on time.
Placements are made on a first-come first-served basis from the applications we receive as well as the membership status.


ServicesGlobal MemberPreferred MemberMember
Admission tickets for official evening events
(e.g. Solar Summerfest, Networking) for free
Full Conference Tickets for freeGlobal Member receive two free Full Conference Tickets for each conference.
Global Members receive these tickets either within the exhibitor cockpit (if they exhibit at the particular event) - OR - receive the free tickets per email (if they have no login due to missing participation).
Preferred Members receive one free Full Conference Ticket for each conference,
if the company exhibits at the particular event. The free ticket is available within the exhibitor cockpit.
Full Conference Tickets discounted,
max. 5 tickets (via exhibitor cockpit login)
VIP tickets
The VIP Program is reserved for an exclusive group of customers nominated by the exhibitors, and is entirely free of charge. Only a limited number of VIP tickets are available per company. The number of VIP cards per exhibiting company is based on size of booked exhibit space at the particular exhibition and your membership status. VIP cards may include the following services: Free entry to the exhibition, free use of the coat check in the entry hall, free entry to the VIP Lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks and free internet access.
50% additional VIP nominations30% additional VIP nominations 
Free exhibition entrance tickets (electronic vouchers) for The smarter E Europe
On request.
Booking via the Exhibitor Cockpit.
1,000 tickets500 tickets 

Company Visibility

ServicesGlobal MemberPreferred MemberMember

Company logo in

  • Event Directory
  • Event Guide
  • App (not India)
  • Online exhibitor list

Company name and booth highlighted in

  • Event Directory
  • Event Guide
  • App (not India)
  • Exhibitor list/floor plan signage (not Europe)

Benefits at Intersolar Summits

ServicesGlobal MemberPreferred MemberMember
Admission tickets for Intersolar Summits free of charge2  
Admission tickets for Intersolar Summits discounted - max 250%50% 
Discount on Summit Sponsoring Packages15%10% 

Requesting Services

You can request the benefits and services available to you depending on your status level as indicated in the Exhibitor Cockpit. In order to request services for a particular exhibition you must participate in that event.

Privileges for Global Members
Global Members can take advantage of the specified services at all events, regardless of whether or not they have a booth at the exhibition. Most of these services are not available through the Exhibitor Cockpit, rather through us personally.

Company Groups
Companies who are legally affiliated can be counted as one group within the Membership Program.
The status points collected by all companies registered under this single group will be added together for the period in question. The program status from the accumulated points applies to each of the grouped companies registered under the Membership Program listing. There is, however, a limit to individual services and these may not be requested by each of the companies in the group.
Grouped companies are displayed in the Exhibitor Cockpit. If any company affiliation within your group is missing from the list, please let us know as soon as possible since this affects your status points and level.