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AWARD Testimonials

Dr. Sebastian Groh

Founder and Managing Director, ME SOLshare Ltd.

(Winner Intersolar AWARD 2016, category: Outstanding Solar Projects)

"Inspiring nothing less than a paradigm shift is a daunting task. We at SOLshare are therefore deeply honored that our bold idea to transform the way people use and pay for energy has received such a high accolade. By recognising our pilot peer-to-peer village grid in rural Bangladesh as an Outstanding Solar Project, the Intersolar Awards committee helps us to ignite more people to create solar networks, share electricity and brighten their future."

Lior Handelsman

VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Founder, SolarEdge

(Winner Intersolar AWARD 2016, category: Photovoltaics)

"As a company that prides itself on providing cost-effective and innovative PV solutions to help promote solar energy proliferation around the world, it was an honor to receive this a prestigious award in 2016 for our HD-Wave inverter technology and be recognized by industry experts for our innovation. The Intersolar Award provides additional credibility to new disruptive technologies. Winning our first Intersolar Award in 2012 helped increase our company’s visibility in the industry, while this second time it has provided third-party validation of our technological leadership."

Fabian Jochem

Managing Director, SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH

(Winner Intersolar AWARD 2016, category: Outstanding Solar Projects)

With the assignment of the Intersolar AWARD 2016 the jury has shown, that solar solutions beyond the pure improvement of existing technologies are key for unlocking the solar potential worldwide. We at SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH are therefore proud to be amongst  the winners. The intersolar award has helped to distribute the idea of innovative electrification solutions and supported our work worldwide. With the award we gain further visibility and credibility in the market."

Karen Mitchell

Senior Marketing Communication Manager, Schneider Eletric™ 
(Winner Intersolar AWARD 2016, category: Outstanding Solar Projects)

"We are honored to be recognized with the Intersolar Award for our contribution to education, health and the overall standard of living in Nigeria. This project is an inspiring example of global energy transformation.  At Schneider Electric™, our role is to make sure that Life Is On™ for everyone, everywhere, at every moment. As such, sustainability is at the heart of our company strategy. We are convinced that better climate means better economy and that energy access is a basic human right."

Gregor Reddemann

Managing Director, M10 Industries AG

(Winner Intersolar AWARD 2016, category: Photovoltaics)

"The Intersolar Award has helped us to be well-known and accepted in the market as an expanding company which key target is to set new standards in the automated PV production. Our customers have now the evidence that our new high-performance stringer “Kubus” belongs to one of the best future-oriented innovations in solar-industry. We will do our best to improve the benefits of “Kubus” furthermore."