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Presentations of the Intersolar Summit 2016

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Program 2016


Registration, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Iranian Solar Market & Policy Updates


Conference Opening & Welcome Remarks

Mr. Markus Elsässer, CEO, Solar Promotion International GmbH
Mr. Mohammad H. Ghafouri, Iran Wind Group/ Aysa Ltd.

Keynote: Renewable Energy Targets in Iran - Why and How?

  • Country targets for renewable energy: 2020 Outlook
  • Energy security in Iran and diversifying of generation profile

Mr. Hamid Chitchian, Minister of Energy, Islamic Republic of Iran (tbc)
Mr. Houshang Falahatian, Deputy Energy Minister for Energy and Electricity Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran


Renewable Energy Policies and the Regulatory Framework

  • Assessment of status-quo; is PV installation going to take off in Iran?
  • Overview of feed-in tariffs, past, current, and the future. Is it predictable?
  • The outlook of renewable energy policies
Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Zadeh, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA), Islamic Republic of Iran

Enabling PV in Iran: Updates on New Feed-In Tariffs and Regulations

  • A review on electricity market, renewable energy market, RE framework, related organizations, the required budget, ...
  • Business models - 360° review of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and their profitability analysis
  • Suitable business models for the development of PV in Iran
  • Guidelines on how to structure renewable energy projects

Mr. Jörg Mayer, Managing Director, German Solar Association
Mr. Mohammad H. Ghafouri, Iran Wind Group/ Aysa Ltd.
Mr. Esmaeil Vasaf, Aysa Ltd.


Coffee Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition


Technical Challenges


Key Technical Challenges and Opportunities for PV Modules in Iran

Mr. Hamed Hanifi, Module Technology, Fraunhofer-Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP


Grid Connection Challenges for Solar PV in Iran

  • Strength and weaknesses of grid in Iran to connect Solar PV
  • Is there any Grid Code for connection of Solar PV in Iran?
  • The procedure to get grid connection permit in Iran
    - Small scale PV grid connection
    - Large scale PV grid connection
Mr. Saed Raei, Manager of Grid Connection Sector, Tavanir
Mr. Motevali Zadeh, manager of the Regional Electricity Company of Khorasan Razavi Province
Mr. Ghazi Zadeh, Manager of the Regional Electricity Company of Qazvin Province

Best Practices & Lessons Learned


Higher Yield Solar Investments in Iran

Mr. Konstantinos Zygouras, Chief Executive Officer, SUNEL Energy Group


Unlock the Hidden PV Market in Iran

  • Residential & Commercial PV market in Iran
  • Urban PV System regulations
  • Infrastructures for stablishing PV components Production Line in Iran

Mrs. Bentolhoda Soleymani, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of Engineering Department, Noursun Energy Aria

1:00pmBusiness Lunch, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

International Best Practices & Lessons Learned


International Executive Roundtable: Best Practices to Foster Sustainable Market Development and Creation of a Local Supply Chain

  • Exclusive insights regarding application fields suitable for the Iranian market
  • Technological advancements to meet regional characteristics
  • Is Iranian solar market ready to manufacture PV equipment in Iran?
  • What can European and Iranian companies offer in a JV?

Keynote and moderated by:
Dr. Roland Rösch, Senior Programme Officer, Renewable Energy Markets and Technology Dialogue, IRENA

Mr. Christian Bairhuber, Chief Executive Officer, IBC Solar Austria GmbH
Dr. Eftekhari, Sazan Electronics Ltd.
Mr. Baghbani, Paak Atieh Ltd.
Mr. Reza Zehtaban, Director Sales Management IFS | BU Photovoltaics SCHMID Group


Roundtable Discussion: Doing Solar Business in Iran

  • What are the characteristics of the Iranian solar market?
  • How to enter the Iranian solar market? Basics of a successful market entry for international players
  • Fundamentals for partnerships; how to get partnership with Iranian companies
  • Opportunities and challenges for the utility scale and distributed segments

Mr. Mohammadtaghi Zafaranchi Zadeh, Manager of Office for Cooperation with Non-Governmental Sector, Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA), Islamic Republic of Iran
Mr. Andrew Renton, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP
Mr. Stefan Haid, Roland Berger International GmbH
Mr. Hamid Reza Salehi, Vice-President of Energy Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Islamic Republic of Iran

Moderated by:
Mr. Gerald Scharrer, President, Solar & Benefit Group

From Space to Earth with Solar Energy of Life

  • Essentials for optimizing conditions for solar energy utilization in Iran
  • Increasing reliability: Mobile Solar Laboratory (MSL) covering PV-Poly, PV-Thin-Film and CPV
  • Maximizing efficiency and output: Compact intelligent solar cooling with evaporation(CISCE)
Mr. Tirdad Hofmann, CEO, RS-NKP GmbH
Mr. Stephan Mayer, Director Strategic Projects, AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH

3:45pmCoffee Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Increasing Investors' Confidence - Finance and Legal Aspects


Foreign Investment in Renewable Energy in Iran

  • The role of OIETAI and FIPPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act) in attracting foreign Investment
  • Guarantees to be issued by OIETAI for foreign investors in renewable energy
Dr. Ahmad Jamali, Chairman of the Foreign Investment Office (OIETAI)

Financing Solar in Iran - Core Elements and Challenges

  • Post sanctions - what does this mean for financing?
  • Financing mechanism + Financial sources - a view on the current market environment
  • Foreign Direct Investment - an option and how investors can secure their assets?

Mr. Volker Kuntz, Managing Director, Trepte Corporate Advisors GmbH

5:00pmSummery of the day

Breakout Sessions & Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Eight Round Tables will take place in parallel. Every round table is hosted by a table captain who invites attendees to introduce themselves to the group and who gives brief insights into his field of expertise. Attendees my ask questions directly to the table captain or to the group.
The limit of each table is 15 people. Every attendee needs to decide for a table during the mording registration onsite.
The Round Tables are in English only and will not be translated!

Table 1: Grid Connection Challenges for Solar PV in Iran

Table Captain: Mr. Saed Raei, Manager of Grid Conncetion Sector, Tavanir

Table 2: Consideration of Legal Aspects of Developing Renewable Energy in Iran

Table Captain: Mr. Andrew Renton, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP
- Legal structure and governmental hierarchy in Iran
- Land ownership issues, the PPA and TCA Contracts
- Tariff and payment processes, currency and legal issues around sanctions

Table 3: Financing Solar in Iran - Core Elements and Challenges

Table Captain: Sabin Finance & Trepte Corporate Advisors GmbH
- Post sanctions - what does this mean for financing
- Financing mechanisms to stimulate local market growth
- Analysis of the banking system and capital market

Table 4: Exclusive Insights - Experiences by International Stakeholders

Table Captain: Dr. Roland Rösch, Senior Programme Officer, Renewable Energy and Technology Dialogue, IRENA
- Achieving Quality Standards
- "Irena Project Navigator"

Table 5: International Project Developments

Table Captain: Mr. Jörg Mayer, Managing Director, German Solar Association

Table 6: Full Value Chain Local PV Manufacturing in Iran – Global Technology Trends and Outlook

Table Captain: Mr. Reza Zehtaban, Director Sales Management IFS, Business Unit PV SCHMID Group
- Global technology trends and outlook
- Economics of PV manufacturing
- Iran as a PV technology hub, potentials and opportunities

Table 7: Bureaucratic Hurdles & Lack of Transparency: How to Optimize the Approval Process for Solar Installations in Iran?

Table Captain: Mr. Hofmann Tirdad, CEO, RS+NKP GmbH

Table 8: 360° View of PV Power Plant Projects in Iran

Table Captain: Mr. Mohammadsadegh Niknam, Managing Director, Noursun Energy Aria
- Project Milestones & Time Line
- Optimum Levelized Cost of Electricity based on Local Prices
- Supportive Laws and Exemptions
- Power Plant Insurance in Iran
- Money Transfer Condition
- Possible Legal frameworks and Structures to start Business in Iran


*Subject to modifications


Side-Event on November 16, 2016

If you're interested in learning more about the OIETAI we recommend to participate additionally in the Side-Event on November 16 which is organized by our local partners Iran-Wind Group and Aysa Ltd. Please click here for more information