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Intersolar Summit Iran Program

November 21, 2017


Registration, Networking & Table Top Exhibition


Conference Opening & Welcome Remarks

Mr. Markus Elsässer, CEO, Solar Promotion International GmbH
Mr. Mohammad H. Ghafouri, Iran Wind Group/ Aysa Ltd.


Grand Opening Session: Iran’s Renewable Energy Future – A Holistic View

Featuring the most high-level speakers from the Iranian Ministry of Energy, the Grand Opening titled “Iran’s Renewable Energy Future – A Holistic View” will provide you with latest insights on Iran’s strategy to become a major hub for solar energy. With the current transition in the Ministry of Energy, delegates can expect precise answers on current questions, such as 6th five-year development plan and the country’s commitment according to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Minister of Energy, Islamic Republic of Iran (invited)


The 5 GW Target: A Critical Assessment of Iran’s RE Policies

Strongly focusing on the operational parts, top-level experts of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) will reveal their plans on how the 5 GW can be achieved. Additionally, important factors like the Iranian Feed-in-Tariff, opportunities for a tendering system and actually realized projects will be thoroughly touched base on. Moreover, opinion leaders will shed light on the budgetary question – Is there enough budget for buying RE electricity in the upcoming years? Where does the budget come from?

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Zadeh, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SATBA), Islamic Republic of Iran (invited)


Creating Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Domestic & International

Solar Players PPA for RE in Iran is currently not bankable. Many companies and legal firms have reviewed the PPA and prepared some comments to be implemented in the PPA. Until now, there are still big question marks regarding financing issues RE projects in Iran. In a highly dynamic and engaging format, renowned international legal firms and SBTA will mutually assess potential plans on how the existing barriers can be overcome.


Coffee Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition


How to Successfully Initiate a Local Value Chain? Manufacturing & Production Opportunities

This interactive roundtable discussion will include key players from the upstream segment, who evaluate the potential of manufacturing opportunities. Delegates will gain a deep understanding on the current marketplace situation, key players of the segment and how the 30% bonus for local content works. Furthermore, a potential assessment for the different industry segments (e.g. mounting systems, panels, inverters, cables) will be made.


Understanding the Local Requirements for Grid Connection

In view of the overwhelming interest in the previous Intersolar Summit Iran, which was attended by 37 representatives from DSOs and 16 from TSOs, the grid connection session will constitute one of the cornerstones for this year’s event. Kicked-off by an in-depth presentation on the specific characteristics of the Iranian grid network, this interactive conference session provides valuable insights on topics, such as grid code and procedures for obtaining grid connection permits.

1:30pmLunch Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Financing Renewable Energy in Iran: Status-quo and Future Opportunities and Barriers

Shaped by a highly uncertain environment, the finance sector in Iran remains as one of the biggest question marks for participants along the entire renewable energy value chain. In this content-driven session, international experts representing leading financial institutions and respected consulting companies will share their views on the availability of finance by Iranian banks. Also, future outlooks for foreign financing mechanisms will be addressed.


Putting it Into Practice: International and Local Experiences in Renewable Energy Deployment in Iran

The concluding session of this year’s Intersolar Summit Iran will provide practical advice on relevant topics including challenges to import, transportation and construction of PV power plants in Iran. Specific focus will be put on real-world field experiences of foreign companies in the building process of PV plants. On a separate note, also strength and weaknesses of Iranian construction companies are discussed, which may hamper development of the local solar market.

5:00pmCoffee Break, Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Breakout Sessions & Networking & Table Top Exhibition

Several Round Tables will take place in parallel. Every round table is hosted by a table captain who invites attendees to introduce themselves to the group and who gives brief insights into his field of expertise. Attendees my ask questions directly to the table captain or to the group.
The limit of each table is 15 people. Every attendee needs to decide for a table during the mording registration onsite.
The Round Tables are in English only and will not be translated!

Table Topics:

  • Connection Challenges for Solar PV in Iran
  • Consideration of Legal Aspects of Developing Renewable Energy in Iran Financing Solar in Iran -
  • Core Elements and Challenges Exclusive Insights - Experiences by International Stakeholders
  • International Project Developments
  • Full Value Chain Local PV Manufacturing in Iran

*Subject to modifications

November 22, 2017

If you're interested in learning more about the OIETAI we recommend to participate additionally in the Side-Event on November 22 which is organized by our local partners Iran-Wind Group and Aysa Ltd.

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