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Requesting Services

You can request the benefits and services available to you depending on your status level as indicated in the Exhibitor Cockpit. In order to request services for a particular exhibition you must participate in that event.

Privileges for Intersolar Global Members

Intersolar Global Members can take advantage of the specified services at all Intersolar / ees events, regardless of whether or not they have a booth at the exhibition. Most of these services are not available through the Exhibitor Cockpit, rather through us personally.

Company Groups

Companies who are legally affiliated can be counted as one group within the Intersolar Membership Program.

The status points collected by all companies registered under this single groupe will be added together for the period in question. The program status from the accumulated points applies to each of the grouped companies registered under the Intersolar Membership Program listing. There is, however, a limit to individual services and these may not be requested by each of the companies in the group.

Grouped companies are displayed in the Exhibitor Cockpit. If any company affiliation within your group is missing from the list, please let us know as soon as possible since this affects your status points and level.