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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which status levels exist?

The Intersolar Membership Program (IMP) comprises of 3 levels:

  • Intersolar Member
  • Intersolar Preferred Member 
  • Intersolar Global Member

How can I see my company's status level?

To view your company’s status level, go to Intersolar Membership Program in the Exhibitor Cockpit. The Cockpit is accessible all year round via the respective event’s website.

Can the status level change in the course of the year?

No. The Intersolar Membership Program is not a real-time program. This means that all points and categories are established at the beginning of each year and updated in the Exhibitor Cockpit.

Who can participate in the Intersolar Membership Program (IMP)?

All former, current and future exhibitors of one of the Intersolar exhibitions are eligible for membership of the IMP.

Is it obligatory for all exhibitors to participate?

No, participation is voluntary. However, if you do not participate, you are not eligible for any of the benefits.

We are exhibiting for the first time and have not yet been given access data for the Exhibitor Cockpit. How can we register?

Unfortunately, for administrative reasons, you may only join once you have been approved and once your Cockpit access data has been sent to you. Please have patience.

Are participants in a joint pavilion eligible for membership?

Participants of a joint pavilion may collect points, but only claim them at an event at which they are main exhibitors.

How can I register for the membership program?

The registration is carried out via the Exhibitor Cockpit of the event at which you are participating. After registering for an exhibition you will receive the access data for the Exhibitor Cockpit. However, at this point in time only the menu point “Intersolar Membership Program“ can be seen. Exhibitors who have already been registered for the IMP see their bonus points here. Exhibitors who have not yet been registered for the IMP can register in the Exhibitor Cockpit.

What are the benefits for IMP members?

There are numerous benefits for IMP members. Find details here.

How many points are given for each type of sponsorship?

The number of points given for each type of sponsorship is listed in the Sponsoring and Marketing Promotion Opportunities brochure.