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Intersolar's Social Commitment 2017

Intersolar Study Program

Through the "Intersolar Study Program" which was launched in 2015, Intersolar would like to observe its social responsibility to the next generation of the solar industry worldwide by enabling students from all areas of renewable energy to gain access to current industry knowledge free of charge.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank the speakers for all their time and effort!

Intersolar's Social Commitment 2016

Intersolar Study Program

At Intersolar Europe:

  • Udo Möhrstedt (CEO and founder, IBC Solar AG)
  • David Wedepohl (Director Markets and Communication / Spokesman, BSW Solar)

At Intersolar North America:

  • Dan Borneo (Engineering Program/Project Lead, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S.)
  • Craig Connelly (Senior Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, The Solar Foundation)

At Intersolar South America:

  • Paula Scheidt Manoel (Project Manager GIZ)
  • Rodolfo Meyer (CEO and founder, Portal Solar Ltda. ME)

At Intersolar Middle East:

  • Cornelius Matthes (Managing Director, Building Energy SpA)
  • Manolita Wiehl (Director of International Project Development, Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), Germany)

At Intersolar India:

  • Sishir Garemella (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sunvest Energy Private Limited, India)
  • Dr. Jutta Trube (Director Photovoltaik Equipment, German Engineering Federation, VDMA)
  • Sushil Reddy (SunPedal Ride)


Light facilitates education. That’s why this year Intersolar donated to an African electrification project in Burkina Faso, which was implemented by the association “Solar Energy for Western Africa”. The donation enabled the installation of an off-grid photovoltaic system at the elementary school in the village of Konkoa in southern Burkina Faso. The system will provide enough output to light two classrooms with LED lights every evening for at least three hours. In addition, a lamp will be installed on the exterior wall of the school to illuminate the school yard.

This will allow students to complete their homework and teachers to prepare for their classes during the evening hours as well. In addition, thelighted class rooms will make it possible to offer literacy courses for adults. Find more information about the project

About Sonnenenergie für Westafrika e.V. (Solar Energy for Western Africa)

Intersolar's Social Commitment 2015

Intersolar Study Program 

High-profile speakers were engaged for the first year of the program, which is integrated into existing Intersolar conferences:

  • Carsten Körnig (Chief Executive Officer, BSW-Solar)
  • Dr. Winfried Hoffmann (Consultant, Applied Solar Expertise)
  • Prof. Eicke Weber (Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE)
  • Mudit Jain (Manager-Consulting, BRIDGE TO INDIA)

gave presentations at Intersolar Europe and Intersolar India about recent developments in the solar and storage industries, and were available for questions afterwards.

Continued support of 'One Child One Light' campaign

Intersolar has continued its support of the One Child One Light campaign for the second straight year, and has delivered solar-powered LED lights to school children in India in July 2015. The lights were distributed in three different schools in Madhnoor and Jukkal villages of Nizamabad Disttrict, Telangana. The District Education Officer (DEO) and local political leaders were present during the distribution of the lights. The DEO expressed sincere gratitude to Intersolar for this support.

Thousands of school children in India have to depend on oil lamps to study after sunset. One Child One Light's mission is to support every underprivileged child's right to education by giving a safe, clean and low cost study light. Last year children were ecstatic to receive the solar lights being sponsored by Intersolar. With the onset of the rainy season, the timing could not have been better as students were already grappling with 14 hours of power cuts.

Intersolar’s intention is to make a difference to the lives of these children in furthering their education.

More information about One Child One Light

Sponsor of 'UNESCO‘s International Year of Light'

Intersolar is delighted to support the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 as a Bronze Associate Sponsor.

More Information about the International Year of Light