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Champion of Change

The Intersolar Champion of Change AWARD, introduced at Intersolar North America 2014, honors individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting the development of renewable energy at a national or international level.

Winner 2016

Intersolar and CALSEIA honored Senate Pro Tem Kevin De León at the opening night ceremonies of Intersolar North America on July 11, 2016.

Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León, author of SB 350, California’s landmark 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard law, along with several other key clean energy laws, is the well-deserving 2016 recipient of the Intersolar Champion of Change Award. De León is committed to passing big, bold laws that will create the clean energy future for all to benefit from. From promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency to passing the nation’s largest incentive program for electric cars, Pro Tem De León’s passion and commitment to clean energy and climate change solutions seem to know no bounds. Last winter, he traveled to Paris to share his message of economic growth and environmental sustainability to the international stage. From urban rooftop solar jobs to fighting the asthma epidemic plaguing our cities, for Kevin, the fight for clean air and a better future is local and it is personal. To all previous winners